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About The Real Me!

I got my zodiac birthstone from SueCat. Click on the Zodiac or the adoption certificate to visit her!

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My real name is Nancy R. Schollian. I was born in San Antonio, Texas on March 21st, 1948. I lived in San Antonio until I was about four years old, then my mother remarried and moved to Tucson, Arizona. During my elementary school years, I went to a school called Immaculate Heart Academy. Yes, had to wear uniforms and all that good stuff. When I started in junior high school, I went to public school for the first time at Alice Vaile Junior High School. It was a lot different than in Catholic school. I was ahead in some of the courses and way behind in others, like science. I then went to Tucson High School for my freshman and sophomore years. When it came time for me to start my junior year, they had changed the school boundries and so I started at Rincon High School. About mid-year my mother got a transfer to Austin Texas with her company. My stepfather had become ill and was no longer working, so back to Texas we went. I graduated high school from A. N. McCallum High School there in Austin. After high school, I started working. I did a lot of different things from working in a printing company, to being a salesgirl, to being a secretary and all the while babysitting a lot. Then I got married, and started having children of my own. I did a lot of waitress work while my children were small. I finally got the chance to go to college some, I took some accounting courses and got a job which I had for many years doing accounting. Then the time came when I found it necessary to leave Texas. I wound up here in Virginia!

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Here I am talking to one of my favorite buddies that lives down the road a ways from me. His buddy is trying to listen in on the conversation. We go by his corral three or four times a week at least. And the second picture is the van I frequently travel in when the weather is nice. It has a lot of the comforts of home in it. A television, radio, cassette player, mobile phone, cooler, picnic items, lots of room and a plush interior so if we get tired on a trip, we can just relax for awhile. Talk about the life of luxury! My partner and I try to get out at least a little bit every day to remind ourselves that we are really free.

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As you can see, I am into western clothes. This is the way I like to dress when we go out. I came from Texas. I like to think of myself as a cowgirl, and I like the attention that dressing this way gets me too. Everyone around here treats me like I am a local celebrity and thinks I am a cowgirl. I have lived here in Virginia for over six years now and really love these mountains and the outdoors.

So this is me today! I like horses, dogs and cats but can not have any here where I live. So, the picture on the right shows my pets now! And they are quiet and I don't even have to feed them. Just click on the image to get a better look at them! The white bear you see in the background is Snowbear, and the two beside him are actually my puppy slippers Nik and Nak. In the foreground are from left to right, Huggie (the Koala Bear), Missy (with the rose in her collar), Petie (my cuddle puppy), Ricky (the Racoon), Baby (being held by Ricky right now) and in the very front is Tigre (the Tiger).

I have also been lucky enough to be able to adopt a couple of adorable pets for my cyber home! Click on their pictures, or their certificates if you would like to adopt a wonderful animal for your pages from LadyJ! Please meet the newest additions to my family! The first one is Sadie. Isn't she great? A playful little puppy who I am sure is going to love it here on my pages!

Then there is these two little balls of fur, Annie and Oakley. Now be honest, have you ever seen two cuter kitties in your entire life? Now these too are going to keep everyone else on my pages busy trying to keep up with them!

On a little more serious note, I care very much about animals. If I could, I would have at least a couple of them here. I am a regular supporter in real life of The North Shore Animal League and The Humane Society of the United States. I think animals are put here for us to love and to give love back to us. They can't speak out for themselves, and they need us to do it for them. Please help keep these precious lives from being treated inhumanely. If you would like to adopt one of these wonderful pets for your pages, then click on their pictures or their adoption certificates and check out LadyJ's pets for adoption!




Although I really don't like to talk about myself much, some of my friends complained that I did not give any information about myself, the author of these pages, so here goes. First of all, I am an Yisraelite. I study the Bible frequently and pray every day. doorkey.gif Studying the Bible is the key to learning the way for all Yisraelites to find thier way back home. I see my priest often and am helping him prepare lessons to make some web pages of his own so everyone can share in the lessons of the Bible!

god-man.gif This kind of shows mans relationship with God!

goldcros.gifYou can visit his page by clicking on the Cross!

He has been working hard to prepare some of these studies and the pages are looking pretty good now! There will be more studies soon but don't hesitate to visit the ones that are finished :)





I am also an American Confederate. I believe in individual rights and freedom for everyone. We here in the United States are supposed to be free individuals. We should be able to do what we please as long as it does not hurt anyone else. You can find out about these Thoughts by proceeding to my next page {the link is at the bottom of this page}. I believe in the individual states rights to govern thier own people. I believe that we all have to guard our rights and freedoms jealously. I also believe that our representatives should always keep in mind our freedoms and that they represent us, they DO NOT rule us. Everyone has a right to thier own thoughts and principles, but no one should try to deny others the right to do the same. You can find out more about the confederacy, what it means and thier beliefs by going to my partners page about Dixie. The link is to his web site, and under his hotlinks section, so select the one that says Blade's Other Pages. Then follow those links to the Dixie Page.

The Link To My Partner's Web Site

Some people have asked me my feelings about nudity too since my partner has such strong beliefs about it. I personally don't see anything wrong with being nude. That is after all how we were born, with only our skin to cover our bodies. I should say here though, that I don't believe that because someone has no clothes on, it means that he or she is trying to be sexual with another. It only means the person is comfortable enough with themselves to go without adornment. God does not make any junk, so why should a person feel shame to be the way God made us? I should mention here though, that when nudity is practiced in a group, there are some times people that use that as an excuse to promote sexual activities. My partner talks extensively about that in his Concepts Page. The link is to his web site, and under his hot links section, so select the one that says Blade's Other Pages. Then follow those links to the Concepts Page.

The Link To My Partner's Web Site


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Here is a picture of my partner when we met in Texas. The other picture is of my partner, my son and I taken here in these mountains shortly after we came here. I left Texas and came to Virginia because of an abusive problem at home. The situation between my son and his father had become very volatile, so when things got so bad that I felt that someone was definately going to get hurt, my son and I left. It was a very frightening experience for both of us. We had to leave in the middle of the night and sneak away in fear. I had been married for 28 years, my whole adult life. I had never really been out on my own. I was married when I was barely 18 years old and had raised three children. I had also never been to Virginia and my son had never been out of our neighborhood in Dallas. But, we are doing ok now. The thing that I miss most in Texas is seeing my mom, my two married daughters and my grandchildren. I guess that is a small price to pay to be safe. My partner and I have a small news gathering business. You can find out about submitting news items by going to my News page.

The Link To My News Page!


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Another picture of my partner and I shortly after I came here to Virginia. A Texas flag symbolizes the state that I was born in and where I lived for most of my life! And of course, the Yellow Rose of Texas is also dear to my heart.


There is an issue that I was not going to mention here in my pages but a couple of my friends that know about it thought that I should because it might help someone else going through the same things that I experienced. For a very long time, I was not able to talk about this at all, let alone write about it in my pages. Some years back, when I was still in Texas, my husband sexually abused my oldest daughter. Until this happened in my family, I never knew that things like that really happened to normal people. Because of his actions, we went through an arrest thing and a court thing at which time, he was put on probation and ordered to go to therapy. My daughter went to live with her grandmother, so she was safe from it happening again. I was also told to go to marriage counseling and therapy to help deal with the problems with my husband {we went to both for years}.

I really don't intend to go into all the details here, but rather talk about my feelings about all of this. First of all, in therapy I was told that I should be forgiving and understanding. I tried to make myself do what I was told, but I really did not feel that way. When a husband does something like this, he really puts his wife in a terrible position. She wonders if she failed in some way so that her husband has to look elsewhere. She is torn between loyalties to her daughter and to her mate. The therapists are trying to deal with his problem but it leaves the wife really being the victim on all counts. Ministers and Priest's really don't help much either. Scripturally when you join in marriage, the husband is supposed to be the head of the household and protect all the members of the family. The Bible really does not deal with what happens when it does not work that way.

The daughter is really the victim here and the mother wants to protect her. In reality, the mother is also a victim of her husbands actions. In my case, I was just out of the hospital from having a baby by emergency cesarean section and a stomach full of stitches and barely getting around yet. He thought I was sleeping. Then I was told that it is an illness and it was my duty to try and help my husband get well. I tried to do that too. The problem for the mother is that she really tries to help everyone, then feels guilty because she can't feel the way she is supposed to feel about it all. The mother and wife is in a lose, lose situation. No matter what she does, she is made to feel that she is failing at something. Her own feelings get lost somewhere in the shuffle and she never really deals with them at all.

In retrospect I know in my heart that I really never was able to really forgive what happened. I also know that it was not my fault. Now, many years later, I would advise anyone in this situation to let out thier real feelings. Don't let anyone tell you how you should feel and what you should think. Be honest with yourself and then get on with your life without any guilt. I tried to stick it out, and then years later, wound up sneaking out in the middle of the night in fear of being harmed or of my son being hurt. This therapy thing when it is ordered by the court system, really does not change the husband. He only goes to therapy because he is ordered to do so, not because he really wants to get better.


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We live in a nice trailer house way up on the mountain. My son went to high school, worked at Wendy's and liked the girls. My son has now graduated from high school and is in the Marines. He spent a year in Okinawa, Japan but is back in the States now and is currently stationed in Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. I get to see him every so often again! Boy did I ever miss him while he was overseas!!

I have spent a large portion of my time learning new things on my computer. I have become quite efficient at using my word programs and windows. When I left Texas, I mostly was familiar with dos systems. My partner knew a lot about windows and word processing, and he has a ton of books to study or refer to. So we have taught each other a lot about computers and how to get things done on them. About the end of last year, we both started working on learning how to make web pages. Actually, this year 2000, I got a new computer so I am currently learning how to use Windows 98 which is a lot different than the Windows 3.11 I was using. I hope you have found something here on these pages that interests, either for pleasure or learning.


If you would like to e-mail me, click on the icon or e-mail address! I do enjoy hearing from my friends and would appreciate any comments on what you think of my pages or what you would like to see here in the future!

Thanks, Firemist

E-Mail: firemist@rocketmail.com



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Thanks, Firemist


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