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Here in America, we are supposed to be free. We are guaranteed our rights to freedom in the constitution of these United States. The government does not have the right to censer our thoughts, our words or our writings. When they censer our news or our web pages, they are disregarding the constitution upon which this country is based. Many Americans are outraged about the loss of our freedoms, I hope that our elected officials will wake up soon to that fact before there is another American Revolution.


Something happened to me this weekend that made me start thinking so I thought I would share my thoughts with you. This has really been an issue with me for a long time but I never really put it all down on paper and took a good look at it. It involves peoples rights and how some people think they should take thier rights at the expence of other peoples rights. See what you think!

What happened this past weekend is that a friend did something that I felt was not too cool. I voiced my opinion on the issue. He got very upset because I did. He felt that I was taking away his freedom by telling him what I thought and told me it was none of my business and I should shut up. At a closer look however, he is taking away my freedom of thought and speech with his attitude. This makes me wonder, is he truly free? He states that he may not agree with what I think or say, but that he would fight to the death for my right to think and speak as I feel, but does he really believe that??


The same thing goes for a lot of other issues. Take abortion for instance. This is really a hotly debated issue. We in America are supposed to be free. That is the whole basis of our country. But, those that are religious think they should have the right to tell others what they should think and feel on this issue. They feel they should take away the rights of those that don't agree with thier thinking but that they should be free to make that decision for others. I would not choose that option for myself, but do I have the right to make that decision for others?? Are these people really free in thier minds and hearts?? Or are they trying to be little dictators?


What about the issue of smoking? Does anyone really have the right to make the decision as to if another person should smoke or not? Or is it ok to impose your will on someone else because it is how you feel? Now we have some cities that have outlawed smoking in all public areas and some companies that even look into a persons home life to see if you are smoking. Sounds like a dictatorship to me!! How about you??


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Here in Virginia, there is an issue in the state about the state song. It seems the NAACP and some other groups object to some of the words in the song because of the way that they refer to black people. Are these people aware that that song was written by a black man of many talents. Do they know they are objecting to thier own heritage? So, it looks like our state song is going to change. What a sad day in our history! Are these people really free in thier minds and hearts??



Another hot issue is the gun control. If they make laws to take away guns, do you really expect that it will take the guns out of the hands of the criminals? There are already laws against convicted felons having guns, but is it stopping those people from carrying guns? Of course it isn't!! The lawless and the criminals don't obey the laws anyway. The only ones that obey the laws are the citizens that want America to be a better place to live! So how is making a law banning possession of guns going to protect the American Citizen? It will only prevent the citizen from protecting themselves against aggression from the criminals! Another thought along this line, what if the Americans who fought the Revolution had not been allowed to bear arms? I guess, there would be no America as we know it today!


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