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The National News Service NNS

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The National News Service is looking for hard hitting current news stories from your area. If you have investigative talents and wish to be a Stringer reporter for NNS, submit your news story to us at Post Office Box 11313, Blacksburg, Virginia 24062-1313, U. S. A. Address it to Nancy Schollian, Managing editor NNS. If you prefer, you can Fax your submission to us, at 1-540-382-1314. We do need your hot news stories!


We do not pay for these stories, but we do give you a bi-Line as the reporter who wrote the story. If you have photographs, you can submit them also, and if we use them, you will also get the credit for the bi-Line as the photographer. If we run the story, we will send you a copy of it with your bi-Line.


We may use your story for a newspaper, magazine, etc. or one of our news letters. All submissions become sole property of the National News Service. Do NOT send photographic negitives, only prints. If you wish to have your photographs returned to you, you must enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with a request to return the photos. We cannot guarantee that the story will be used, but if it is, you will receive the credit for it, with your own bi-Line.


Blade & Firemist

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This is Don {Blade} Murphy, and I, just after a nice southern dinner when we were on the way back from a big photo shoot! Blade is my advisor and partner in the National News Service {NNS}. He is also a good friend and companion. You can get more information about Blade and {NNS} by clicking on Blade's link on The Lair of Firemist {click on the door icon or the words directly beside it below}.


If you would like to e-mail me, click on the icon or e-mail address! I do enjoy hearing from my friends and would appreciate any comments on what you think of my pages or what you would like to see here in the future!


E-Mail: firemist@rocketmail.com



Click on the icon to find out more about webguard. The images used on my pages were either scanned by my partner, taken from public domain and are listed on my links page or when the origin is known, the pictures link back to the originator. The only images that are not on my own server are when people have given me an exact code they want me to use for thier images. Be a considerate web user :)

Thanks, Firemist


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Are you concerned about our natural resources? The destruction of our environment is not necessary! Please join the race to save our Big Cats and our Rainforest by clicking the buttons below and its all free! Vote today! Thanks, Firemist

And lets not forget about people either! There are thousands of people dying of hunger everyday! You can help provide food for these starving people by clicking a couple of buttons everyday! It costs you nothing, your vote will prompt the sponsors to donate food for the hungry! Thanks, Firemist


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