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Origins - Where Firemist Came From!

The name of Firemist originated while searching for an original name for a fighter in an on line dungeon game called Yserbius some 16 years ago. She was to be a ferocious fighter, with a heart of gold, flaming red hair and a firey temper as well as a real lady with a mystic air about her on the side of goodness and honor. This picture by Boris Vallejo represents my idea of how Firemist looks. You can see links to some of his artwork by visiting the Lair of Firemist. After much consideration, the name of Firemist evolved.

As time passed, the real person also became known as Firemist from gatherings of the people in this on line game. She has been in many games since then both on line and off line. Her most recent venture in the games was the beta test version of The Realm for Sierra.

As time went on, the real person progressed from just games to the World Wide Web. With the many friends she had made in the on line games she had participated in, she decided to move the character to the web with her so that the people from the on line games would know it was the same person they knew on line. For awhile, she was very active on IRC and met many new friends there as well as finding many of her old friends from the games. But with all the people that are on IRC now it is very crowded there and very hard to get a connection from this area to go to IRC. Being a rather impatient sort, Firemist decided her time could best be spent doing other things in this wonderful world of the World Wide Web. So... She is currently concentrating her efforts on learning how to make web pages and now trying to learn Windows 98 instead of Windows 3.11. Firemist actually got a new computer at Christmas time!

Being that this is Firemist's first attempt at doing web pages, you will be seeing frequent changes here as she learns how to do things to make the pages look better, include more information and be more interesting to look at.

When on line now, Firemist is usually doing e-mail, surfing the web, downloading programs, and when she wants to chat now days, she keeps the PowWow program open. You can get a copy of this program by clicking on the link from her Firemist's Lair Page that goes to PowWow. You can get to The Lair of Firemist by clicking on the door icon at the bottom of this page or the words directly beside the door icon. If you wish to chat with Firemist on PowWow, her address there is firemist@rocketmail.com. That is also one of her e-mail addresses. Looking forward to chatting with you.


Sparky and his Friends

drag1.gif Meet Sparky my adopted Dragon! You can get one for your pages by clicking on his picture :) He loves to play with his friends as shown here!

This is Pegasis who was found wandering somewhere on the web and wanted to come and play with Sparky :)

animala.gifThis is Ying and Yang, they were also adopted and are Sparky the dragons best friends! You can adopt some for your pages by clicking on thier images :) They all enjoy frolicking on my page together! animal95.gif

cypetawd.gifJen has many different types of cyber animals you can adopt for your pages, if you want some for your pages, then click this award to go to her pages! Meet Little Joe, also adopted from Jen's pages! horse2.gif



Here is another image from the mind of Firemist!

Look Closely!

Is there a message in the image for you?



If you would like to e-mail me, click on the icon or e-mail address! I do enjoy hearing from my friends and would appreciate any comments on what you think of my pages or what you would like to see here in the future!

Thanks, Firemist

E-Mail: firemist@rocketmail.com



Click on the icon to find out more about webguard. The images used on my pages were either scanned by my partner, taken from public domain and are listed on my links page or when the origin is known, the pictures link back to the originator. The only images that are not on my own server are when people have given me an exact code they want me to use for thier images. Be a considerate web user :)

Thanks, Firemist


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